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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : The reward for helping others

25-03-2010, 09:04 AM
There is no better way to learn about Islam than to read the Holy Qur'an and to observe the practices of a devout Muslim. Unfortunately, the many stereotypes, misconceptions, and misrepresentations prevalent today serve as a great barrier that prevent non-Muslims from understanding the truth about Islam. Lack of access to an English translation of the Qur'an and, moreover, to a knowledgeable Muslim who represents Islam well may also be factors. Therefore, it is a hope that this GROUP AND MESSAGES WE SEND will assist those who desire to know exactly what the Qur'an teaches and how a practicing Muslim is supposed to act.

Indeed, Islam is the religion of ultimate truth, virtue and beauty. Other doctrines and philosophies of life may have aspects of each of these principles but never are they in as consistent harmony as they are in Islam.

In other teachings or writings, we may find beautiful expressions used to make false claims, undermine virtuous behavior or even encourage corruption. Not so in our religion. These three principles are in constant interaction to convey the message of Allah.

Ibn Abbas narrated, Once I was in a state of itikaaf in the Prophet's Mosque (Medina). A certain person came to me and sat down. I said to him, 'O so and so, you look sad'. He said, 'Yes of course, o fraternal brother of the Prophet. So-and-so has his due on me, and I swear ,by the one, I am not able to pay the debt' I said, 'Should I not talk to him about your debt?' He said, 'You can do so if you like' There upon I put my shoes on and went out of the mosque. The person asked him, 'Have you forgotten the state you were in (i.e. itikaaf --. a state of staying in the mosque worshipping for some time )?' I replied, 'Not at all, but I have hear from the prophet [saying this his eyes became filled with tears], said:

"One who moves to fulfill any need of his brother, and makes effort for it, will find it better than itikaaf of ten years; and one who performs itikaaf for one day for the pleasure of Allah, he will create a distance of three ditches between him and the hell - and each ditch has a width which lies between East and West, or between the heaven and earth."

Source: Al Targhib Vol II p 272.

By the blessings of Allah, we are approaching another Ramadan(not that close to it). however..For most of us, we feel a little taste of hunger during this month only. But there are billions for whom it is a matter of daily life. Let us get immense rewards by helping our needy brothers and sisters around the world to be ready to do more in that month in shaa' Allah

Emad Fadel
31-03-2010, 08:31 AM
Yes, all we need is to help each other, to care about each other, to stop and think of others instead of thinking of ourselves all the time. In the field of Da`wah (calling to the way of Allah) we need to give more of our time to teach people the principles and the teachings of true Islam as well as teaching them the importance of putting such teachings in practice. And before all of we need to make sure that we actually do practice the teachings of Islam.
Thanks a lot for this important topic.