: Patience in Islam

Emad Fadel
18-05-2010, 03:46 AM
Calamities are the foundation on which the higher spiritual quality of patience is developed. Consequently, it is not surprising to find that the righteous are subject to many tragedies and difficulties in their lives. Sad reported that he asked the Prophet (Peace be upon him) who among mankind had the most trials, and he replied,
The prophets, then those most like them and then those most like them. Man is tested according to the level of his faith. If his faith is firm, his trials increase in severity, and if there is weakness in his faith, he will be tried accordingly.

True patience is the product of complete trust in God at the time of calamity.

The decision rests only with Allah. I put my trust in Him alone,
and all who trust should trust only in Him.Quran, 12:67

Allah further assures humankind that if they put their complete trust
in Him, He will be sufficient for them in their most trying times.

Whoever trusts in Allah will find Him sufficient.Quran, 65:3

Perhaps you may dislike something and it is good for you, and you
may like something and it is bad for you. Allah knows and you do
not.Quran, 2:216

The trials by which Allaah tests human beings are specifically tailored to
their own individual needs and circumstances.

And your Lord does not oppress anyone.Quran, 18:49

Allah does not burden a soul beyond its capacity.Quran, 2:286

For surely with difficulty comes [a period of] ease. Surely with the
difficulty comes [another period of] ease.Quran, 94:5-6