: David and Solomon give judgement

Emad Fadel
07-06-2010, 06:45 AM
The story of the field over which David and Solomon gave judgement is detailed in some reports as stating that two men came to David. One of them had a field, or a vineyard according to some reports, while the other had a flock of sheep. The fields owner said: This mans sheep traversed my field at night, leaving it devastated. David ruled that the owner of the field should take the sheep in compensation for his wasted crops. The sheeps owner then passed by Solomon and told him of Davids judgement. Solomon went to his father and said: Prophet of God, you should have judged differently. David asked: How should I judge? Solomon replied: Give the sheep to the fields owner to benefit by them and give the field to the sheeps owner to tend until it is returned to its original state. Then each man returns to the other his property. Thus, the fields owner will get his field and the sheeps owner his sheep.

David confirmed that that was the right judgement, and he ordered it to be carried out

Both David and Solomon judged according to their own discretion, but God was observing their judgement. He inspired Solomon to give the verdict that was fairer. Davids judgement aimed to compensate the fields owner for the damage done to him, which establishes justice. But Solomons judgement added to justice a constructive dimension. Thus, justice became a motive to initiate constructive effort

This is a higher level of justice, one which was given by Gods inspiration Both David and Solomon were given wisdom and knowledge: {Yet We gave sound judgement and knowledge to both of them.}[al-Anbiya': 79]

There was nothing wrong with Davids judgment, but that of Solomons went a step further because it was inspired.