: The physical appearance of the prophet (saw)

23-07-2010, 08:50 AM
The Prophet's Face:
His face shone like the moon. - (Hind bin Abi Hala)

His face was round like the moon. (Bara bin Azib)

His face was not quite round but inclined to roundness. (Ali- may Allah be pleased with him)

Broad forehead, slanting thick brows parted in the middle. A vein protruded between the two parts which became more prominent in anger. (Hind bin Abi Hala).

The Prophet's Eyes:
Black, with long eyelashes. (Ali- may Allah be pleased with him)

Black and drooping. Habit of looking from the corner of the eyes in shyness. (Hind bin Abi Hala)

Red lines in the white parts, wide sockets, and natural grey corners. (Jabir bin Samra)

The Prophet's Nose:
Somewhat high with unique brightness whereby it looked large at first sight. (Hind bin Abi Hala)

The Prophet's Colour:
Neither white like lime, nor tanned, but brown with whiteness predominant. (Anas- may Allah be pleased with him)

White, reddish. (Ali- may Allah be pleased with him)

White but wholesome. (Abu Tufail)

White and bright. (Hind bin Abi Hala)

Muhammad (s.a.a.w.) was of a height a little above the average. He was of sturdy build with long muscular limbs and tapering fingers. The hair of his head was long and thick with some waves in them. His forehead was large and prominent, his eyelashes were long and thick, his nose was sloping, his mouth was somewhat large and his teeth were well set. His cheeks were spare and he had a pleasant smile. His eyes were large and black with a touch of brown. His beard was thick and at the time of his death, he had seventeen grey hairs in it. He had a thin line of fine hair over his neck and chest. He was fair of complexion and altogether was so handsome that Abu Bakr composed this couplet about him:

"As there is no darkness in the moonlit night so is Mustafa, the well-wisher, bright."

His gait was firm and he walked so fast that others found it difficult to keep pace with him. His face was genial but at times, when he was deep in thought, there there were long periods of silence, yet he always kept himself busy with something. He did not speak unnecessarily and what he said was always to the point and without any padding. At times he would make his meaning clear by slowly repeating what he had said. His laugh was mostly a smile. He kept his feelings under firm control - when annoyed, he would turn aside or keep silent, when pleased he would lower his eyes [Tirmidhi].

His dress generally consisted of a shirt, tamad (trousers), a sheet thrown round the shoulders and a turban. On rare occasions, he would put on costly robes presented to him by foreign emissaries in the later part of his life. [Ahmed, Musnad, Hafiz Bin Qayyim]

His blanket had several patches. [Tirmidhi] He had very few spare clothes, but he kept them spotlessly clean. [Bukhari] He wanted others also to put on simple but clean clothes. Once he saw a person putting on dirty clothes and remarked,

"Why can't this man wash them." [Abu Dawood]

On another occasion he enquired of a person in dirty clothes whether he had any income. Upon getting a reply in the affirmative, he observed,

"When Allah has blessed you with His bounty, your appearance should reflect it." [Abu Dawood]

He used to observe:
"Cleanliness is piety."

Our Prophet was a Person of Extraordinary Beauty
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