: Thorns and Flowers

27-11-2010, 06:25 AM
There was a man who wanted to sell his house, so he visited a friend of his who was a businessman and an expert in Marketing. He asked him if he could help him make an advertisement to sell his house. His friend knowing everything about the house wrote a detailed description of it.
He then read the advertisement to his friend who was listening carefully and then asked Please re read it again"?
And when he did, he shouted "what a wonderful house!!" he continued "all my life I dreamt of having a house like this yet this whole time I didn't know that I already lived in it until I heard you describe it" then he smiled and said " please don't publish this advertisement, my house is not for sale"
There is an old saying "count the favours Allah has given you and then write them down one by one, you will find yourself happier than you were before"
We forget to thank Allah because we don't ponder over all the favours he has blessed us with. Instead of appreciating what he has given us we only seem to see the troubles in our lives and desire for the things we dont have forgetting what we already do have.
We complain because Allah made thorns under flowers, we must thank him and not complain, as he made flowers above thorns
"I pained a lot when I found myself barefooted but I thanked Allah a lot when I found another who didnt have feet
Ask yourself how many people wish to have your car, house, education, job etc??
How many people walk barefoot while you drive your car?? Sleep outdoors while you sleep in the safety of your own home??
How many are there who would love to know how to read and write while you have a degree??
How many. How many How many. ?!!!!
There is a story of a man who came across an old man in a remote area, this old man was blind, leper, amputated, had flies around him, and could hardly talk. But he could hear him saying Alhamdullah Alhamdullah
The man was very astonished, and said to the old man, O old man, why are you praising Allah? Look at yourself, you are blind, leper, and can hardly talk so what is the thing you are praising him for?
The old man replied Im praising Allah as he gave me a tongue to praise him with
Lets continually say Alhamdullah for everything.. Alhamdullah.. Alhamdullah

27-11-2010, 06:56 AM
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