: Yahya ibn Umar

07-02-2013, 07:03 AM
Yahya ibn Umar, Abu Bakr ibn Umar, Yoosuf ibn Taashafeen:

Yahya ibn Umar was one of the great Mujaahideen in West Africa. He was martyred while participating in Jihaad in Sudan. He was succeeded by his brother Abu Bakr ibn Umar, who followed his example. He trod the path of Jihaad like his brother, relying on Abdullaah ibn Yaaseen until the latter died in 451 AH / 1059 AD in his wars against the disbelievers of Barghawata in the north of Al-Maghreb Al-Aqsaa.

Umar ibn Ibraaheem - the father of Yahya ibn Umar and his brother Abu Bakr had a brother called Taashfeen, who worked in the service of his brother until he died. Taashafeen was succeeded by his son Yoosuf, who was a gifted young man. Yoosuf ibn Taashafeen was highly admired and respected by his cousin, Abu Bakr, and became one of the greatest commanders of the Almoravids. While Abu Bakr ibn Umar was establishing the city of Marrakech, he was informed of the disturbing news about his family in the south of the Sahara and Senegal Basin.

The Judala tribe assaulted the Lamtuna tribe, who sought the help of Abu Bakr ibn Umar. He assigned his cousin Yoosuf ibn Taashafeen as his deputy to rule the country and went south to the early homes of the Al-Muraabiteen. When things were under control again and security was restored, Abu Bakr ibn Umar returned to his country to find his cousin conducting the state affairs as due, even better than he had done.

Abu Bakr was a very pious man; he realized that his cousin was more qualified and worthy of being the head of the state. They agreed between themselves that Ibn Taashafeen would lead the Al-Muraabiteen and support his cousin, Abu Bakr ibn Umar, in Jihaad in Ghana. Thus, Abu Bakr gracefully left the rule to his cousin and withdrew to the south where he devoted the rest of his life to Jihaad and striving to spread Islam.

After Islam became firmly rooted and well established in West Africa, many Muslim countries were built, where Muslims savored a refined status, as well as freedom. Through shedding light on some of these countries, we will address the story of Islam in West Africa.