: The real Eed

12-02-2013, 09:26 AM
The real Eed

The Muslim Mamluk army entered Damascus, and security was established very quickly. Nothing that used to take place when colonizers enter a country, such as the general chaos, violation of sanctities and robbery of stores and houses has occurred. Nothing like this took place. The situation became stable very quickly, and the Jews and Christians were granted security in their life and property.

Qutuz, May Allaah Have mercy upon him, sacked Ibn Az-Zakiyy, the judge of Damascus who had been appointed by the Tatars, for he was loyal to them, and replaced him with Najm Ad-Deen Abu Bakr ibn Sadr Ad-Deen ibn Saniyy Ad-Dawlah, who started, very soon, to decide the cases, and settle the disputes that broke out between the Muslims and the Christians, so that no Christian would be wronged in the country of Muslims, despite all the abuses committed by the Christians against the Muslims during the time of the Tatar occupation of the city.

Eed Al-Fitr was on the following day. It was the greatest Eed to come upon the Muslims for forty years. It was not only an Eed for breaking the fast of Ramadhaan; it was also an Eed of victory and empowering: {and Made the word of those who disbelieved the lowest, while the Word of Allaah - that is the highest. And Allaah Is Exalted in Might and Wise.} [Quran 9:40]
Qutuz, May Allaah Have mercy upon him, wasted no time. He sent his army to the forefront led by Baybars to chase the runaways from the Tatar army, and purify the remaining Shaami territories and cities from the Tatar garrisons. The Islamic forces arrived in Homs and attacked the camps of the Tatars, who fled in horror. The Islamic forces released the Muslim captives who had been arrested by the Tatars, and pursued the fleeing Tatar garrisons and killed most of them, taking the rest captives, and none but a wanderer could escape.

In this way, Homs was liberated very quickly. The Muslims then moved to Aleppo, from which the Tatars fled like scared rats, and retreated with their tails between their legs, and Exalted Be (Allaah) The Changer of conditions!
Allaah, the Almighty Changes the conditions of a people as quickly as the twinkling of an eye.
Within a few weeks, the Muslims purified all the territories of Shaam, and it returned once again to be part of the Islamic dominion. We ask Allaah the Almighty to keep them always free and honorable as well as all the Muslim countries.
Qutuz, May Allaah Have mercy upon him, declared the unification of Shaam and Egypt as one state under his leadership, after ten years of division, i.e. since the death of As-Saalih Najm Ad-Deen Ayyoob in 648 A.H., and Khutbahs were given in the name of Qutuz, May Allaah Have mercy upon him, from pulpits all over Egyptian, Palestinian and Syrian cities, up to those in the highest North of Shaam, around the Euphrates.
The Muslims lived some of their happiest days.
Qutuz, May Allaah Have mercy upon him, then started to distribute the Islamic emirates among the Muslim viceroys. It was out of his wisdom to restore some of the Ayyubid emirs to their positions, to ensure that no affliction would break up in the territories of Shaam, since those emirs, without doubt, had followers from among the Muslims. Qutuz, May Allaah Have mercy upon him, did not feel afraid of the betrayal of those emirs, especially that it had become clear to them that they had no power to challenge him and his pious soldiers.

Qutuz, May Allaah Have mercy upon him, gave Homs to Al-Ashraf Al-Ayyoobi, who, in the past, was loyal to the Tatars, but later showed repentance and regret, and sent a message to Qutuz, a short while before Ayn Jaaloot Battle, along with Saarim Ad-Deen Aybak informing him that they would pretend to be defeated before the soldiers of Qutuz. Allaah Alone Knows best what he would have done, had the victory been the portion of the Tatars; that is something between him and Allaah the Almighty. What is important is that he confessed his previous and grave crime of loyalty to the Tatars, and accepted to govern Homs under the sovereignty of Qutuz, May Allaah Have mercy upon him.
Qutuz, May Allaah Have mercy upon him, also gave Aleppo to Ali Ad-Deen ibn Badr Ad-Deen Lulu, of Al-Mawsil, who died a few months earlier.
He gave Hama to its governor, Emir Al-Mansoor, who took part with him in the fighting among the Islamic forces in Ayn Jaaloot Battle.
He gave Jamaal Ad-Deen Aaqoosh Ash-Shamsi the Palestinian coast and Gaza.
Damascus was given to Emir Alam Ad-Deen Sunjur Al-Halabi.
Thus, the conditions were stable in Shaam and Palestine, Islam became strong, and there was no danger to threaten the security of the Muslims and their subjects from among the Christians and Jews.

On Shawwaal 26th, 658 A.H., a month after the Battle of Ayn Jaaloot, Qutuz, May Allaah Have mercy upon him, started his journey to return to Cairo, the capital of his kingdom. There were many political conditions to be settled, and many affairs to be handled. The state of Qutuz extended from the Euphrates to the borders of Libya, which required the rearrangement of many papers there. We should keep in mind that until this very date, the realm of Qutuz did not exceed eleven months, since he took over on 24th of Thul-Qadah 657 A.H., and there were thousands of tasks awaiting him.
In this way, a clear victory over the Tatars was achieved, and the Muslims woke up from the disquieting nightmare that had pained them for long years.