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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : Learn Arabic alphabet Free Sessions

29-03-2016, 08:44 PM
Salam Alakium, how are you today? I hope your day is better though. Why is my day so bad? Well because I have really bad health. But that's not the point of my post I like to talk to you about my learn arabic alphabet class, that I am teaching and providing online via pre-recorded video lessons for anyone who wants to learn how to read arabic texts. Many Muslims wish to learn arabic alphabet in order to be able to start the process in learning how to read and write in arabic but the Arabic language is one of the most difficult languages for anyone to learn and it is the 5th most popular language on earth and English is the 3rd most popular on earth. My course is only $15.00 and you will get over 21 hours of video content which is very interactive and engaging meaning even though the course is presented via pre-recorded video lessons its presented in a way that actually engages the student as if I am sitting there with you live. And if you do have questions along the way you will be able to email my directly and I will answer you in due fashion. I used to teach my course at udemy but they are cheaters so I left that website and returned to my own website and udemy has a F rating with the BBB so no one should sign-up using them. I used to teach my course on my own website then I moved my course to udemy and now I have again returned to my own website once again. I currently have 402 students successfully enrolled to my learn arabic Alphabet course and I am very proud to say I have a A+ rating with the BBB. I also received a 5 star review by one of my students while teaching at udemy and one of my students will leave me a 5 star review on my site insha-Allah soon. I also got lots of students messaging me telling me they enjoyed the course and actually feel like they are learning and advancing in the course which made me very proud and happy to hear that. On top of all of this you can access 3 complete lessons free before you pay a cent and you can see for yourself if its worth signing up before you sign-up and to add the cherry on the cake you also get a 30-day money back offer so as you can see I stand for what I claim and will never ask my students to sign-up for something unless I am sure they will love the course. There will be a 50 word times test at the end of the course and if you pass with 72% you will receive a certificate of completion, even though its not accredited still students like to get something that show they did well and trust me if you pass the test you are skilled at University level because my course is nearly entirely based on the course I learned at the Islamic University which is online. So if you are ready to start learning the arabic alphabet and ready to learn how to read arabic texts then sign-up to the 3 lesson free trial today. Please read more about my learn arabic alphabet presentation on this website: Here is the course (http://madinah-institute.com/page/arabic-alphabet)

ahmed fady
04-07-2016, 03:06 PM
the arabic Lunague one of hardest language
thanks for the post